Eagle Eye 4" HID

4inch HID Round Lights from Eagle Eye

4" HID ROUND SPOT Stainless Steel Finish HID505SS Steel Black Finish HID505BS
4" HID ROUND DRIVING Stainless Steel Finish HID505SD Steel Black Finish HID505BD
4" HID ROUND FLOOD Stainless Steel Finish HID505SF Steel Black Finish HID505BF
4" HID ROUND DRIVING Black Resin 35W HID64D35 Black Resin 50W HID64D50


Lights Sold Individually (you must buy 2 for a pair) and come with a Black ABS Plastic Eagle Eye lense cover. You can choose additional Lens Covers at the time of purchase.

We recommend you also purchase the 320D Wiring Kit for easy final installation.

Eagle Eye 4" HID
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