HID Off-Road

Our 4” and 6" round Internal ballast HID lights come with the newest Slim Ballast technology integrated inside the lights. The HID utilizes a Stainless Steel mounting bracket that is very easy to mount and it fits most applications. The wiring comes from the bottom of the mounting bracket for a clean and easy installation, but upon request, you can opt to have the wires come from the back of the light as well. They come available in Spot, Driving, or a Flood beam pattern.

They weigh only 2.7 lbs per piece and each light has a depth of less than 2” from the middle of the mounting bolt to the back of the light. These lights are great for the Off Road terrain.

The HID906 series is one of the most durable lights available on the market. It is our 8 5/16" round Internal ballast HID light. The HID906 has been a reliable light for many years, trusted for its durability and resistance to vibration and extreme temperatures. It only weighs 6 lbs per light and is also one of the most slim 8" lights available. The beam patterns are crisp and the 35W or 50W Internal ballast HID options offer an intense beam pattern that have a long range coverage that shoots far into the distance. The HID906 is available in Spot or Driving.

HID Off-Road


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